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  1. Buffie
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    You are an inspiring, storytelling asshole.

    Have you all played the improv game called Conducted Expert Rant? Truth in Comedy in a major way. So funny, so sad, so true.

    Sorry to have stolen the title for the Monster Who Ate Cheyenne from you, I’ve found food to be a great friend through illness! :)

    1. Onechojo
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      There is something else I’d like to add about Down Syndrome and Autism for the sake of anreewass. The average age a Downs kid gets an autism dx is 10 – even if that person has an involved form of Autism! This is because everything gets dismissed as being “just the Downs”, kind of like how my son’s Landau Kleffner Variant got dismissed as “just the Autism” and meanwhile he kept regressing into middle childhood.A fairly predictable indicator if a Downs baby will later be diagnosed with Autism is if he or she has seizures.Just wanted to get that out there, since it is not well know. Having a child with a dual dx that got missed for too long makes me rather passionate about the issue in general.

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