Life Is Big

The Hodge Podge

Write like a Cookie Monster

I’ve been trying all morning to write something. Anything. I have a deadline approaching and I can’t get anything down on paper that doesn’t sound like I’m writing a manifesto from my “End Of Times” bunker somewhere in the woods of Idaho. It’s all gibberish. My muse is apparently constipated. There is nothing coming and […]

Menial Expectations

When I was a Senior high school there was nothing I enjoyed more than slipping out of class and visiting my guidance counselors office to talk about my future. I’m being serious. I loved it. As a serial narcissist there is nothing better than sitting down for a long chat with somebody else when the […]

About. That. How.

About. That. How.

We are nearing the anniversary of our 15 year journey with our son through the maze of Autism. This is what I’ve learned so far: From his Autism I’ve learned about the fragility of life. From his Autism I’ve learned about the power of hope. From his Autism I’ve learned about the folly of making […]

The Red Bird.

The Red Bird.

The most courageous folks I have ever met are people who are raising children who are living with a special needs. Despite the howling winds of grief and the darkness of anger that attempt to swallow them whole, these brave mothers, fathers, grandparent and caregivers are able to keep the candle of hope lit for […]

Ricky says “Play more!”

I understand that Ricky Gervais can be a lightning rod for folks, but please, keep in mind that is exactly the reaction that he wants. Love him or hate him you cannot say he isn’t trying to challenge the world. You may not agree with him on many things but he here is a topic […]